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Moving tips


Make a list

Go through every room of your house and decide which items you’d like to keep and which you can get rid of. Additionally, consider if any items require special packing or extra insurance coverage.


Have plenty of supplies

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Take measurements

Check the room dimensions at your new home, if possible, and ensure that larger pieces of furniture will fit through the door.


Separate valuables

Add expensive items such as jewelry and important files to a safe box that you’ll personally transport to your new home. Additionally, ensure you put the mover’s estimate in this box. You’ll need it for reference on moving day.



Reconfirm the arrival time and other specifics with the moving company, and then ensure you have prepared exact, written directions to your new home for the staff. Moreover, make sure to include contact information, such as your cell phone number.


Utilize wardrobe boxes

Order boxes and other supplies such as tape, Bubble Wrap, and permanent markers. Don’t forget to order specialty containers, such as dish barrels or wardrobe boxes.


Color coordinate

Make sure to clearly label and number each box with its contents and the room it’s destined for. This action will help you keep an inventory of your belongings. Additionally, pack and label “essentials” boxes with items you’ll need right away.


Take inventory

Before the Movers leave your place, please sign the bill of lading/inventory list and keep a copy.



Make sure the moving truck that arrives belongs to the company you hired. Check that the US DOT number painted on its side matches the number provided in your estimate. Additionally, verify whether the moving truck displays the company’s branding or the vehicle number listed in your confirmation. Remember that scams are not uncommon in this industry.


Choose your Moving company and confirm the arrangements

Select a company and get written confirmation of your moving date, costs, and other details.

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