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Packing & Unpacking services for all types of moves

Packing & Unpacking services for all types of moves

Packing services from one of the best moving companies in Southern California

Are you in need of a professional packing and unpacking service? We’ve got you covered! As one of the full-service packing and moving companies in Inland Empire, Zeta Moving team is always ready to assist you with your relocation process.

We offer you professional packing and unpacking services that will save your time and energy. Zeta Moving team has years of experience in packing delicate and breakable objects. Handling valuable items like fine arts or appliances with care is our specialty!

There are many different ways to pack your belongings as each item requires a specific approach. We will ensure that your valuables are properly organized, carefully packed, and completely secured.

Various packing options available


Full Packing

You don’t want to worry about packing at all – Zeta Moving will send an experienced team of movers and packers to your home to pack up from floor to ceiling. If you wish to leave some items out to use the night before your move, we can quickly pack those up on moving day.


Partial Packing

If you don’t mind packing some of your items on your own, but would like some extra help, we can accommodate all your needs. Whether it’s a large collection of breakables or clearing storage space for the move – we’ll fill in to make your experience easier.


Furniture and Art Packing

A major concern for many of our customers is the safe keeping of their furniture, art and other valuable larger items. Using protective furniture wrapping and high quality moving blankets, we will dissemble your furniture and wrap each piece so that once your furniture arrives in your new location, there isn’t a scratch on it. Likewise with your art, we will wrap it using only the highest quality supplies so that it is completely protected during the transportation process.



If you wish to pack yourself, Imperial will create an organized schedule in order to make the experience as practical and efficient as possible. If you would like some help settling into your new home, we can do the entire job or simply provide a few hours of assistance – it’s up to you.

Packing service process

Create Your Packing List

Whatever you need to pack, and wherever it’s located, we’ll work together with you to build a comprehensive, room-by-room inventory. Every subsequent step is based on this list, and we’ll decide with you on the best services for your move. However, if you need to add anything later on or you forgot an important item, we can review and add it to the list too!

Decide On Storage Options

If you’re moving house, downsizing, or simply redecorating, we can help store items that don’t fit in with your new lifestyle. Simply highlight those items you want to store and decide how long you would like to store them for. We’ll do the rest and we’ll ensure they’re packed extra carefully for long-term storage.

Trust Our Movers

Once all of the groundwork has been laid, we’ll schedule a time and arrive at your home with all of the packing materials. This means everything from standard boxes through wrapping tape and padding to custom wooden crates. We’ll carefully pack your items and inventory them as we go, labeling and cataloging each box or items.

Follow Your Items

Wherever your items are heading, our attentive movers will always stay in touch in case of unavoidable delays such as traffic. Additionally, we offer real-time tracking of your belongings so you have a clearer idea of exactly when they will be arriving.

Unpack Your New Home

Whether you choose the white glove service or prefer to unpack yourself, we’ll provide you with a full inventory with each item marked off so you can be sure everything has arrived safely. What’s more, if you have any further questions after your items have arrived, simply contact your project manager.